Chapter 11: Marketing and the Arts

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Presentation – Ch 11 – Marketing and the Arts (PDF)


Video Links:

Marketing & Public Relations

YouTube Channel – Resources on Marketing

YouTube Channel – Resources on Nonprofit Marketing


Introduction to Social Media for Nonprofits (12:40)


Web Links:

Marketing & Public Relations

Nonprofit Hub


Americans for the Arts – National Arts Marketing Program


Ten Video Tips for Nonprofits


Nonprofit Website Navigation Optimization Tips


Other Resources:

Audience Participation Reports

The NEA published two reports in January 2015 that should prove helpful to arts marketers. The findings could help arts and culture organizations refine and focus their marketing campaigns. The full reports are available at each link as PDFs.

Link to Report 1:

Link to Report 2:


Should Your Listen to the Customer? by Thomas J. DeLong and Vinneta Vijayaraghavan, Harvard Business Review, September 2012, p. 129-133. Reprint case only R1209X. This is a case study of a fictional dance company and how it could go about determining creative choices.

Journal and Magazine Article Resources

The Importance of Word of Mouth for Museums: An Analytical Framework, Andrea Houseman, International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 14, Number 3, Spring 2012, p. 32-43.


Subscribe to THIS! The subscription model is dead; long live the subscription model, by Jonathan Mandell, American Theatre, November 2012, p. 30



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