Chapter 13: Integration of Managing and the Arts

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Presentation – Ch 13 – Integration of Managing and the Arts (PDF)


Video Links:

Integrating Work and Life – Interview with Stew Friedman, Leading the Life You Want (24:54)


Web Links:

Visual Tips on How to be Organized


9 Lesser-Known Tips for Getting & Staying Organized


Analytical Thinking: Why You Need It and How to Get Better


Systems Thinking


Linear Thinkers vs. Organic Thinkers


Other Resources:


Online Courses (free)


Coursera – Practical Management for Career Readiness


Coursera – Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Starts Nov 3rd, 2014 for 8 weeks)


Coursera – Arts and Cultural Strategy (Starts Nov 10, 2014 for 6 weeks)