Chapter 7: Human Resources and the Arts

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Presentation – Ch 7 – Human Resources and the Arts (PDF)

Video Links:

Introduction to Human Resource Management(8:45)


Overview on Independent Contractors(8:07)


Essential Duties of a Nonprofit Board(8:56)


Governance from the corporate perspective(1:41)


Web Links:

Summary of the Major Laws of the Department of Labor


The Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Employment Practices:


Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Human Resource Risks and the Forest of Fog


Information Summarizing Interns vs Employees


NY Times – April 15, 2014 – Unpaid Interns Gain the Right to Sue

Recent Ruling on Internships – July 2015

‘Black Swan’ Interns Lawsuit Overturned By Appeals Court


Detailed list of Unions in the Arts –


Can Unions Save the Arts and Other ‘Creative’ Professions?


Unions: Friends or Foes of the Arts?


BoardSource ®


John Carver – Policy Governance Website


The Ten Principles of Policy Governance


Blue Avocado – Nonprofit organization resource


Who’s the Boss? The Board or the Executive? – Blue Avocado


The Nonprofit Times


The Chronicle of Philanthropy


Other Resources:

Contract with Union

Contract between Asian Art Museum Foundation and Service Employees International, Local 1021


Resource for Employee Manuals


Sample Employee Handbook