Chapter 8: Leadership and the Arts

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Presentation – Ch 8 – Leadership in the Arts (PDF)


Video Links:

Ten Leadership Theories in Five Minutes (5:08)

Trait Theories of Leadership – A Meta Analysis(14:26)

Leadership Styles and Qualities(4:43)

Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence(5:31)

How Situational Leadership Works (12:46)

Expectancy Theory(6:20)

Equity Theory(8:16)

Transformational Leadership (8:50)


The Transactional Leader (7:40)


The Servant Leader – Ken Blanchard (2:41)


John Maxwell – The 5 Levels of Leadership (27:24)


Women leaders in arts & heritage (6:33)


Funniest Leadership Speech Ever! (5:08)


Web Links:

Leadership Grid


Theories X and Y


The Role of Power in Effective Leadership by: Vidula Bal, Michael Campbell, Judith Steed, Kyle Meddings


Path-Goal Theory


Theories of Motivation – Summary


Roberts Rules Online


How to Write a Meeting Agenda


Taking Minutes for a Nonprofit Board Meeting


Cross-Cultural & International Communication


Other Resources: