Museum Emotions. Museum Misstep.

Here are two resources that can be used for class discussions and to supplement the content in the 5th edition.
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Bill Byrnes

First up is a new report from the Network of European Museum Organizations (NEMO) focused on emotions and learning in museums. There are ten short research articles covering a range of topics that could be linked to discussions about museum programming, marketing, fundraising and educational practices. For example, John Falk’s article looks at why people visit museums, how peak experiences play a part in a visit, and what they remember after their visit. The free report can be downloaded at the link below.

The Indianapolis Museum of Arts’ widely publicized job listing seeking a director who could maintain its “traditional, core, white art audience” prompted the former director to write an opinion piece published in Artnet news on February 23rd. Maxwell Anderson offers his perspective about the leadership failings of Charles Venable, who resigned as the museum’s director. Anderson raises questions about the museum’s role and purpose and problems with the management of its endowment.