Digital Collections. 6th edition Update.

This month I thought it would be valuable to share several museum websites so you can see how digital collections are being deployed.

Museum Best Practices

The recent article in the culture360 magazine profiled the M+ Museum in Hong Kong and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney as examples of two institutions doing a good job digitizing their art collections. The M+ Museum, housed in the West Kowloon Cultural District, finally opened in November 2021 (construction began in 2014). The museum’s staff have created a colorful website with access to a comprehensive art collection. Hugh Davies notes in his article that the website opens “unexpected pathways” to the collection and creates a browsing experience he describes as “appealingly sticky.”

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, as you might expect, was the site of a powerhouse dating back to the later nineteenth century. Davies describes the “digital reinvigoration” of the museum and its aspiration to be a local and global resource for the public, researchers, designers, and students. The museum’s web portal includes access to its digitized collection which features an “Added this week” section to alert visitors about the work they are doing. The amount of information on the collection is also impressive, including how to write a citation for objects.

Take a few minutes to browse these websites plus the others I have added below to see how museums are striving to create highly engaging online access to their collections.

Management and the Arts 6e Update

Taylor & Francis recently sent me the final proofs of the sixth edition to review and correct. Assuming all goes well, it will be sent to the printers next month and it should be available in June 2022. Meanwhile, I am also working on the new companion website for the sixth edition. By the way, I will be migrating fifth edition subscribers to the new website (with your permission of course) so you can access it.

Here’s the cover for the sixth edition.

Management and the Arts
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Digital Access to the New Museum

Hugh Davies, culture 360 magazine, February 8, 2022

In 2021, the new M+ Museum of Visual Culture in Hong Kong, and the refurbished Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, each launched digital portals to their respective collections. As flagship institutions in the global museum sector, their respective approaches give insights into best practice models for digitisation of museum collections that put the user at the centre of the experience.

It’s easy and common to think of museums as unwieldy institutions with unlimited budgets, but the situation on the ground is often far more complex. The museums discussed here have each suffered their share of set-backs, controversies, government conflict, and financial doubts in recent years. In light of such pressures, developing best-practice digital solutions to respond to the communities they serve has been high on the agenda. These priorities have been heightened by the COVID pandemic and lockdowns placing greater emphasis on digital access.

Link to the full article:


M+ Museum of Visual Culture in Hong Kong

Link to website:

M+ About the Collection link:

Search the M+ Museum Collection:

Powerhouse Museum – Sidney Australia

Link to website:

About the Museums – [MAAS stands for Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences)

Powerhouse Collection Online:

Powerhouse Parramatta – New Museum scheduled to open in 2025:

Sydney Observatory:

Museums Discovery Center:


Other Museum Digital Collections to Browse – Two United States Museums

The Barnes – Philadelphia, PA:

About the Barnes: [Includes access for annual reports, financial statements, and more.]

The Barnes Collection Online:

The Cleveland Museum of Art – Cleveland, OH:

About CMA: [Includes access to CMA’s diversity plan.]

CMA Collection Online: