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This will be the final posting on the website for the fifth edition of Management and the Arts. The first update was all the way back in October 2014, which means there have been nearly 90 posts over the last seven years. I hope you have found the content I shared with you to be of value.

The sixth edition of Management and the Arts has been revised and updated with the latest concepts, theories, and practices to meet the evolving demands faced by arts managers in cultural organizations around the world.

New in this edition:

  • An extensive focus on how arts managers and organizations can successfully engage in developing and implementing equity, diversity, and inclusion programs
  • Expanded content on leadership, marketing, social media, and fundraising theories, practices, and ethics
  • Updated content about planning and assessment, business models, and entrepreneurship
  • Expanded coverage of organizational culture and its impact on programming, operations, and inclusion
  • Additional perspectives about leading in the arts, examination of theories of motivation and communication, and expanded discussion on leadership ethics
  • Integration of topics on operations, budgeting, and finance including technology and CRM systems

A new companion website is also in the process of being created and will have carefully curated content designed to enhance student learning and promote further research and investigation into topics covered in the book. It will go live in early June ( In addition to expanded learning resources, there will be a “6e Updates” tab on the new website to provide information about the latest developments in the field and to help keep the sixth edition current after it is published.


Management and the Arts, sixth edition, and its companion website will be available in early June.

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