Image of dancers Thanks for visiting the companion website for the fifth edition of Management and the Arts. Please feel to make use of the learning resources to help enhance  and deepen the exploration of the topics covered in each chapter. The learning resources section contains a slide presentation for each chapter in the book plus links to videos, website, and other files relevant to the material covered in the readings.

The chapter summaries and learning objectives will give you an overview of the scope of the book. There are case studies included in the section of the site so you can explore how to grapple with some if the common issues faced by an arts manager.

The arts manager’s toolkit includes resources an arts manager can make use of to help operate an organization. There are budget templates, examples of marketing plan, and assessment tools for developing an audit of your organization.

Last, but not least, you can sign up for the Management and the Arts Blog and jump into the conversation about what issues are trending in our field. The blog is meant to help connect what you are reading about in the chapters in the book to what’s going on around the world in arts management.